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Overstock Sales
I have available two white and four black Higgins step pads $ 50.00 per pair
Set of four GarWood pads made to fit the original frames that came with the boat. Priced at $ 80.00, including shipping usa
Will always make to order
There is an expiration date to the material that I make the pads from,I made these before the material would not mix. Take advantage of this with these two Century step ladder pads shown under the Century header for $49.00 
$45.00 for one or $80.00 for two-----free shipping usa
Set of four early Hacker Craft pads or makes a great generic pad for any boat. Can be mounted with finish washers and screws or mounted in a frame (the opening on the frame should be 2 1/4" X 8 7/8")
Priced at $80.00 with free shipping usa
Early Chris Craft pads not meant to be mounted in a frame Used on the 20's boats and mounted with #6 screws Set of 4 for $80.00
Full set of 6 pre-war chris craft pads----$145                    free shipping usa
 the correct 6-rib Chris Craft step pad $35.00 per pair or $65.00 for all four only four available
Four white, script style lettering Century step pads $44.00 per pair or $85.00 for all four free shipping included usa